Message from the Vicar

Dearly beloved of the Lord,

At the outset, I may wish heavenly blessings on all those who visit this website.

It is with immense pleasure and happiness that I write a few lines from my desk.

As we all know, we cannot discard or deny the explosive developments of Information Technology in modern age. It is indeed an age of speed. We can feel the reverberations of it in every walks of our life. Everything should reach everyone in no time, especially news and information. In this context our Parish website is of great importance.
This website will provide information regarding past and present activities with an insight into future programs & projects. Another important facility we get through this site is the time schedules of various worships, festivals and special gatherings to ensure successful participation of parish members. Moreover, our members with in the country & outside can be kept informed of the latest parish activities.

I am sure that the journey of our parish is in the right direction in its progress and success.

May God bless you all.

Fr. Jiju Varghese